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    Syrian Refugee Mission

    The Syrian Refugee Mission of New England provides humanitarian aid to displaced Syrian refugees within a non-governmental-controlled area along the northwestern Turkish-Syrian border. At least two thirds of these refugees are women, many of whom are widows, and children. Their mission is committed to a long-term project to support schools that provide safety and the stability of a school routine, as well as, the art therapy programs that address children’s severe PTSD.

    The Syrian Refugee Mission partners with St. John’s to collect donations of non-perishable foods, creative art supplies, and personal hygiene items throughout the year. Volunteers periodically help load the collected items onto a truck to deliver to a partner organization, NuDay Syria, where a container is loaded and shipped to overseas.

    For more information about Syrian Refugee Mission, please visit their website: https://www.syrianrefugeemissionofnewengland.org/